About Us

We are one of the few hair salons in Rhode Island that truly specializes in hair coloring.

We pride ourselves on our consultations which include finding out if you are:

  • A cool or a warm complexion
  • The right season – Winter (primary colors), Summer (pastels), Fall (earth tones) or Spring (mix tones)

We also give you the haircut that complements your face shape.
(Round, Oval, Heart, Oblong, Square, Rectangle, Triangle)

We’ll advise you of the right products for your texture and type of hair. And we’ll show you how to style your hair so you will never have a bad hair day again!

Over the years we have added to our specialities:

  • Deva cuts: Just for curly hair so your hair never gets cut too short again.
  •  Mens Cuts, Thinng Hair
  • and  of course Hair coloring 

Chrissy writes an article every month in Shopinri Magazine on how to make you and your hair look the most beautiful you can be! www.shopinri.com

Well, like Chrissy always says:

“If your hair, is  not becoming to you, then maybe you should be coming to us!”