Men….Best Haircut for thinning Hair!

 Men… This is How to Get the Best Haircut

For Your Thinning Hair!



By Chrissy Gonsalves


Hi folks, I hope this article finds you prosperous and in good health, but mostly in good health!


Most people think of Chrissy’s Hair Salon as one of the top hair salons for hair coloring, corrective hair coloring, hair styling, etc.


While that’s all true, did you know that almost half of our clients are men!


It seems no matter where I go, some guy will come up to me and say ……..


“I read your article in Shop RI, It was good, but when are you going to write something about men”?


So I started thinking, what is the one hair problem that the majority of men are facing, and the obvious answer is thinning hair!


For millions of men, losing their hair is a harsh reality.


Many times, men are tempted to compensate for their hair loss, by growing what hair they have, as long as they can, or even worse, resorting to the dreaded, “comb over”.


However, going bald doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of bad hairstyles.


  •  Accept that thinning hair, is a hereditary condition, you will most likely have to live with, for the rest of your life.


  •  Though there are some treatments on the market such as hair transplants etc., most men have to accept the hair they have, and learn to adjust their hairstyle accordingly.


  •  For instance you can grow the front bang section of your hair slightly longer in order to cover up the hair loss, such as actor Charlie Sheen does, for an early stage receding hairline.


If longer hair isn’t your style, opt for a short haircut.


Having hair shorter in the front and on top will allow you to blend the thinner hair with the rest.


  • Your best bet for receding temples is to keep the hair short so there’s not such a contrast between your hair and the balding temples.


  • Consider a change in hairstyle as the hair begins to recede more.


Most of the time a great haircut is all that is necessary, and the receding temples are less noticed.


  • Opt for a short cut, with the top being left only slightly longer.


This hairstyle takes the focus away from where the hair isn’t and places it on where the hair is.


If you style the hair you have well, the thinner areas fade into the background.








  • THINK SHORT—If your hair is also thinning from the crown of your head you may have to do double camouflage duty.
  • For a bald spot that begins at the crown of your head your best bet is to keep your hair short.


  • Shorter hair always appears thicker, so keeping your hair short on top will help hide the thinning spot.


  • Avoid the “comb-over”, I can’t say it  enough!


As the  bald spot grows,  many men are tempted to resort to the comb over.


No matter what you think, a comb over—growing your hair long on top, parting it to the side and combing it over the balding area—fools no one and NEVER LOOKS GOOD!


  • THINK SHORTER.  Once there isn’t enough hair to cover up the bald spot on top,— or the entire top of the head loses its hair,— the best look is real short.


  • Cutting the hair really short, greatly lessens the obvious contrast between where there is –and isn’t hair –and actually makes the large bald spots much less noticeable.


  • Also, growing hair long in the back to make up for a receding hairline will only draw more attention to your hair loss.


  •  Purchasing  thinning hair treatment products, that add more volume,  can be another effective way to add thickness.


But you must buy “the right products for your particular hair”, because  the wrong products, will absolutely not help.


Because Chrissy’s specializes in hair styles for men & women with all stages of thinning hair, Chrissy’s has all the right products, ….(be sure and ask about  “Clinicure”,  to help with your thinning hair),…


Thinning hair is a sensitive topic, but remember, “almost every man”  and many women, experience this problem, but with the right haircut and the right hair stylist, and getting a trim about every three weeks, it is amazing how good you will look,   (And That’s A Promise)!


OOooops, as usual, I’m almost out of room, so I hope you stay healthy and prosperous, but mostly healthy, and I’ll see you next month, and remember,


“If your hair is not becoming to you, then maybe you should be coming to us” — where Classy meets Sassy!      Chrissy  ♡

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