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By Christine Gonsalves


Hi folks, I hope this article finds you prosperous and in good health, but mostly in good health!


Now let’s get down to the business of making you even more beautiful than you already are!


One of the most frequently asked questions in Chrissy’s, is what is the latest hair color?’


Hair color trends that are hot right now run the range of light to dark, so whatever your personality is, you can find the right hair color for you.

Some of the  most popular hair colors for this fall and winter are, rich dark browns—- carmel highlights —-platinum natural blondes, and fire engine reds, all accented with different color highlights, depending on your complexion, eye color, shape of your face etc.


Dark Brunettes

There is a mixture of colors that can be very dark, just think of Kim Kardashian and how she has almost black hair that is long and shiny.

This style will be in place for most of the fall and winter months.  It is a nice contrast for “some” complexions.

We also have hair extensions to add length to your hair, to achieve this look and the total finished look is “absolutely fantastic”!

Strawberry Blondes

One of the colors that is very complimentary is the lighter hair color that is worn by many celebrities to highlight sections of the long strands around the face.

If you are looking for a style that will brighten your day, try one that can be mixed with multiple tones to get the effect you want, and again, if you add some extensions to this look, you will absolutely not believe how beautiful you will look!


Warm Browns

Some of the earth tones for hair color is good for those with green or blue eyes, the hair can really frame the face and showcase the facial features.

Since the color is muted it is best to wear makeup that “stands out”, such as a nice lip color or eyeshadow.

Long wavy hair looks good in these golden brown shades as well. It can be layered hair with full body curls to maximize the effect.

Hair styles evolve just like fashion trends, and each season brings in a new cut and color that has been cherished on the runway and favored by salon gurus.

Although hair fashion will take over the lives and thoughts of many magazine lovers, the best hair styles and coloring procedures are the ones that make YOU look fabulous.


This is what highlights are all about.

Hair highlights are intended to emphasize your features, bringing out the best of your facial assets and brightening your entire look.

Highlights have also evolved through the seasons.

Some hair eras have favored chunky highlights over flattering face-framing processes. Others have valued certain tones of color.



Whether you are debating over the amount or the intensity of your highlights, the most important thing to consider, is to forgo updating your look in favor of recent trends and really focus on what your face needs to look its best, because that’s the most important thing!

So, if you’re searching around for highlighting ideas, take into consideration your hair style, your hair color, your complexion, and even details such as your profession.


One of the most  popular highlight techniques, is called  “Framing the face”!

Highlights can be placed around the face for a framing effect.

These types of highlights can brighten up a dull complexion and can subdue the look of natural aging.

When highlights are applied to the under-layers of your hair, a more natural effect is achieved.

The advantage of such highlights is that when your hair begins to grow out there will be no noticeable roots.

Be sure and ask us about our fabulous Color Lock!

OOooops, I’m almost out of room, so I hope you stay healthy and prosperous, but mostly healthy, and I’ll see you next month, and remember,


“If your hair is not becoming to you, then maybe you should be coming to us”!



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