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By Chrissy Gonsalves


Hi folks, I hope this article finds you prosperous and in good health, but mostly in good health!


Have you ever wondered how you would look with short hair?


Well, let’s have some fun, and see if I can help you decide, after all, it’s a big step to take, but if it’s right for you, it can make you look absolutely “fantastic”!


First, consider these tips.


Tip #1: Consider your face shape— Most face shapes can handle short hair, even round faces.

Women with round faces tend to look better with short hair cut an inch or two below the chin.

Bobs, on a round face tend to look like a helmet. You want to elongate your face and keeping hair a bit longer draws the eye downward.

If you have a long face, stay away from a pixie haircut, which looks best on petite women with heart shaped faces & oval faces.


Long face shapes look best with chin-length bobs and shag cuts that create the illusion of width.




Tip #2: Do you have nice shoulders, jawline and neck?

Short hair draws attention to these areas. If you have a short neck, a double chin or wide shoulders, you might consider cutting hair just at or above the collarbone.

The long bob trend, is hugely popular now and hits right at this perfect point.


Tip #3: Your height matters —Super tall women will look like pinheads, or Q-Tips with a pixie haircut that hugs the skull. If you are above 5’8″ and want to go short, the most flattering look will be at the chin line.

Petite women look great in a gamine pixie haircut, (playfully mischievous) because it doesn’t overwhelm the body.


Tip #4: Are you curly?— Think twice!! Curly hair, tends to get pouffy when cut short.

Some stylists swear curly hair should be cut no shorter than two inches below the chin, but I’ve seen some gorgeous short styles on curly women.

The secret is in the layering.

Cutting curly hair is an art, so choose your stylist carefully, lest you leave the salon looking like a poodle.


Tip #5: Fine hair looks better shorter— Super fine hair goes flat when grown long. If you have fine hair, a short cut will add body, just be careful not to over layer hair.  Keep hair as close to one length as possible. Removing too much bulk is bad for volume, so make sure your stylist doesn’t overuse the razor.


Tip #6: The Sharpie Tip — Take a picture of yourself in front of a dark or light background depending on your hair color.

(If you’re blonde, choose dark, brunette, choose light).

Take a Sharpie and “cut off your hair from the picture” NOT FROM YOUR HEAD!!—to see how you’d look shorter.

We suggest starting longer then gradually going up so you don’t waste your picture.


So that’s it folks, of course there is a lot more to going short than just these  tips, and remember,

Don’t be afraid to take baby steps:


If you have not had short hair in a while or at all, it may take some getting used to.


Do not feel you have to shear it all off in one sitting.


You may benefit from going from collar bone, to mid neck, to jaw line, to a crop in successive visits.


No need to commit all at once as the journey of finding the perfect short cut may be just as fun!


Think about it, try on different color and style, short wigs, take your time, and have a long talk with your stylist, think about it some more and if you think short hair will look great on you, go for it!


Compliment with color:


Strategic placement of interesting hair color effects, “can & will”,  add even more dramatic response to your crop.


Multi-dimensional color tricks, like high-lights, low lights, balayage, foils, etc. will absolutely give your hair (long or short), interest and excitement.


Opps, as usual, we’re almost out of room, so I’ll see you next month!




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