Taking Care of Your Hair at the Gym!

By Chrissy Gonsalves


Hi folks, I hope this article finds you prosperous and in good health, but mostly in good health!


Now, let’s talk about taking care of your hair while you are working out!


Sometimes it’s easier to focus on your workout, than to worry about the damage that sweat, grime and extreme workouts can cause to your strands at the gym.


Regular workouts at the health club can pose all sorts of hair challenges, which range from excessive sweating, to avoiding chemical damage from taking a dip in the club’s pool.


Although hair at the gym is less of a problem for people with short  tresses, everyone has varying degrees of hair issues to address while working out.


If your hair is medium to long, you probably already have a trusty claw clip or other hair devices, which keeps loose strands out of your eyes and off your face while working out, but here are some other ideas that you may find helpful.


If you use one or more of the following tips your hair will look good and feel great, even after the most intense workouts:

  1. If your hair flops into your eyes or your face, or is long enough to get caught in equipment, tie it back, pin it up or clip it.
  2.  Don’t worry about ditching your fashionable image.  Check out the latest rage of hair friendly elastics, like bungees, to achieve a smooth and sleek natural ponytail or braid.  If you prefer traditional clips, check out smoothies that come in a dazzling array of sizes, shapes, colors and styles to create an edgy yet practical twist or bun.
  3. Comfort counts, prevent potential hair breakage, traction alopecia or headband headaches by avoiding pulling your hair back too tightly at the roots.  Make sure your hair is loose enough to allow you freedom of movement while staying out of the way.
  4. Block excess sweat.  Although perspiration is a good thing while working out, the natural salt from perspiration can dry out delicate roots near the scalp.  If sweat is a problem, consider wearing a wide cotton or similar headband which will absorb the sweat from your forehead before it makes contact with your scalp or bangs.
  5. Avoid wearing a baseball hat or similar type of headgear. Caps may actually block the sweat glands, which can leave hair drying sweat spots, along your hairline.   Even worse, many caps will provide you with an instant smashed “hat head” look that might be challenging to erase after your workout is over.
  6. If swimming is part of your regime, apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair before you dive in. Wear a cap when possible. Wetting your hair with water completely before you take a dip, and right after you emerge, will help prevent excessive chlorine damage whether you go with a swim cap or not.
  7. Although steamy showers seem tempting after a grueling workout, avoid hot water shampoos that can dehydrate your stands.  If you must indulge in a skin sizzling rinse, make sure your hair is well protected.  Lukewarm water is always best for shampooing your hair under any circumstances.
  8. Indulging in steam baths, saunas or Jacuzzis can dry out your strands.  Always apply a dab of leave-in conditioner  to your strands to help offset the heat.  Wrap a towel around your strands to further block hair damaging heat.
  9. When you know you’ll definitely be hitting the showers for a post-workout shampoo, consider applying a conditioning formula or light oil to your strands before your workout. Pin your hair back and let your hair moisturize while you exercise.
  10. Many hair experts now believe that excessive shampooing will weaken hair over time. When possible, skip any unnecessary treatment with suds.
  11. If you indulge in a post-workout shampoo, remember to use a moisture replenishing shampoo and rinse out conditioner.
  12.  If you must blow dry, remember to always use a heat protection   spray to minimize heat damage.  Utilize a cool setting or a cold shot button, when possible, to seal in moisture and add instant shine.
  13. And of course, Chrissy’s has all the “BEST” clarifying shampoos, and & all the “Proper leave in conditioners and oils” for your after workout hair care.

Opps, as usual, we’re almost out of room, so I’ll see you next month!




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