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By Christine Gonsalves


Hi folks, I hope this article finds you prosperous and in good health, but mostly in good health!


Before we get down to the business of making you even more beautiful than you already are, I would like to announce that: “Chrissy’s is looking for a great hair stylist, full or part time, with some following”.


If you are that person, make an appointment with Chrissy, and let’s talk, you’ll love working at Chrissy’s!


Ok, are you ready for this month’s column, “hair”  we go!!!!!!!!!


Flawless skin, shiny hair, stronger nails  – who doesn’t want these things, right?

Well, would you believe me, if I told you that the key to a blemish and wrinkle-free complexion, and a full head of longer, thicker, healthier hair and nails of steel is no further than your kitchen, and it all starts with a good breakfast!


Well, Mom was actually right on this one.  Breakfast really is the most crucial meal of the day.


Studies show, that eating within an hour of waking up, fuels both the body and the brain, boosting overall energy, keeping us alert and awake, and helping to maintain a healthy metabolism.


So, whether you’re the girl or guy, struggling not to fall asleep at their desk at 10am, or the one camping out by the coffee and cookies late afternoon for an energy boost, the solution to all your diet woes and lack in energy may be as simple as eating a good breakfast.


And if you continue to make good choices for lunch and dinner, you will be doing your hair, nails & and complexion a huge favor.


Breakfast Idea:

Not sure what to eat in the morning? The best breakfast to maximize energy while keeping you full and satisfied will include a combination of protein and carbohydrate.


Try a whole grain cereal with more than five grams of fiber per serving mixed with low fat Greek yogurt.


The whole grain carbohydrate provides energy for immediate use while the protein in the yogurt will keep you feeling full all morning long.


If dairy isn’t your thing or breakfast at home just doesn’t seem feasible, two pieces of whole-wheat toast with peanut butter is a great option – and easy to eat even at your desk.


Still looking for something simpler?


Almost any work cafeteria or coffee shop will have a selection of fresh fruit, which is a great addition to your morning routine for added vitamins, antioxidants and a hint of sweetness!


Try an apple with peanut butter or an on-the-go cereal box made with whole grains or a granola bar.


No matter what you chose, getting the day started with a good breakfast is vital, for both mental and physical health, so find what works for you and stick with it!

Hydrate. Aim to drink 48 ounces of water everyday.

“Water is fantastic”, for your hair, complexion, etc.

Some people complain that drinking this much water disrupts their day by constantly sending them to the restroom.

But, it’s a small price to pay, considering how vital water is to our health, beauty and metabolism.

Here’s a tip, how about cutting your fruits and veggies at home, and store them in Ziploc bags as pre-portioned snacks, so you can just grab one or two bags, while you’re running out the door.

Pack a lunch. Spending just 10 minutes at night can ensure you eat healthfully the following day.

Plus, it will also save you between $5 and $20 each day!

So bring snacks with you. If you have access to a refrigerator, try making a yogurt parfait with Greek yogurt, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, dried cranberries or cherries (naturally dried, non-sulfured) and a drizzle of honey to top it off!

If you start doing all or most of the aforementioned things, you will be amazed at how fantastic your hair, nails and complexion will start to look, in about three weeks.

OOooops, I’m almost out of room, so I hope you stay healthy and prosperous, but mostly healthy, and I’ll see you next month, and remember,


“If your hair is not becoming to you, then maybe you should be coming to us”!




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