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By Chrissy Gonsalves


Hi folks, I hope this article finds you prosperous and in good health, but mostly in good health!


Now let’s get down to the business of making you even more beautiful than you already are!


Recently, I came across a study that I thought you might find interesting, let me know what you think.


Would a blonde or a brunette appear more presidential?


Would you sooner trust a brown-or blonde-haired surgeon?


Would a redhead make a loyal employee?


A hair color team recently posed these and other questions to over 1,000 women (ages 18 plus) nationwide to gauge the influence of hair color on personality perceptions.


The results show that blondes are overwhelmingly perceived as fun and flirty, brunettes as smart and serious and redheads as strong.


We here at Chrissy’s have known for years that hair color is more than  just an element of outward appearance, every shade has a distinct personality.


I have always said that when a women colors her hair, she is choosing not only a particular shade but the attitude and image that go with it.


Here are some more interesting facts from the study.



1-The color of politics:


When asked to predict what hair color they believed the first female president  would have, survey respondents split their vote between brunette and blonde.


2- A colorful job hunt:


Looking for that “special in” for your next interview?


When asked, 76% of women believe brunette is the best hair color for making a good impression on an interview.


Blonde came in second (12%) and red last (3%).


CEOs prefer—Brunettes!  67% of women said if they were a CEO and could hire only one person based on their hair color, they would hire a brunette,—13% of women  chose redheads— and 8% chose blondes.


How do you feel?


3- The beautiful blonde:


Sex appeal—Flirty blonde icons clearly still hold influence, as more than half of women polled said blonde is the hair color men find sexiest on a woman.


Half of women surveyed also chose blonde as the most seductive hair color.


4- The brilliant brunette:


Seriously speaking—More than three quarters of women surveyed said they associate brunettes with being the most serious, and 56% also reported that brunette signals the most confidence.


77% of respondents said that a brunette doctor would appear the most trustworthy to them.


72% of women find brunette to also be the most trustworthy hair color in general.


5- Ladies in red:


They mean business—Red heads were voted most intimidating by half of respondents.


If only for a day—The majority  of women surveyed said that if they could change their hair color for a day, they would choose to go red.


Well Ladies,  there you have it, what do you think?  Facts or baloney?


OOooops, I’m almost out of room, so I hope you stay healthy and prosperous, but mostly healthy, and I’ll see you next month, and remember,


If your hair, eye-brows etc. are not becoming to you, then maybe you should be coming to us!


– Chrissy


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